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Apple's new HQ looks like spaceship crossed with Aerobie

Steve Jobs' ideas for Apple's new HQ are out of this world. Proposing building plans to Cupertino's Council, the Apple boss outlined the new iMothership.

Steve Jobs recently made an appearance at a Cupertino council meeting requesting landing permission for his own spaceship. No, he's not being recalled to the iMothership, Apple is planning a new headquarters. One council member described the out-of-this-world architecture as "spectacular".

The 150 acre site, previously owned by HP, will be an enormous architectural achievement if Jobs has his own way. Using concept art, he pitched his idea to the all-too-eager council members, gobsmacking them with the awe-inspiring design.

The increasingly frail Jobs went on to barrage the council with numbers and figures that seemed to pass straight through their glazed expressions.

Apple expects to house around 12,000 employees in its doughnut-shaped structure (no, it won't be running an outdated Android OS), while also keeping employees at its current campus, also in Cupertino.

To further its green credentials, Apple plans to create its own electricity using natural gas and other environmentally friendly fuels, while electricity will only been drawn from the grid as backup. With underground parking, the building seeks to maintain Apple's crucial balance between functionality, minimalism and style -- though there was no mention of a unibody shell.

With Steve's mind-controlling powers working at full throttle in the chamber, the council members and audience seemed all too happy to have the fruity company implant more roots into the fresh turf left behind after HP fled to consolidate its work force.

There were a few cheeky requests from council members, with one asking if Apple will be supplying free Wi-Fi, like Google does at its Mountain View HQ -- the audience treated this as a joke -- and whether or not there will be an Apple Store in the city itself.

Apple would like to begin work next year and hopefully start using the building by 2015. The building is to be not only environmentally friendly, but at the cutting edge of architecture, making use of all the experience the company has gained creating Apple Stores around the world.

9to5Mac managed to get many of the pictures from the video, though be warned, they're rather grainy, thanks to the wonder that is YouTube.