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Apple's multibutton mouse loses its tail

Mighty Mouse, company's only such point-and-click device, now comes in Bluetooth-powered wireless version. Photos: Apple's wireless Mighty Mouse

Apple Computer has released a Bluetooth-powered wireless version of Mighty Mouse, the company's only multibutton mouse. Mighty Mouse

Last year's release of the original Mighty Mouse broke Apple's tradition of manufacturing only single-button mice, but until now, the device existed only in USB cord form--an inconvenience for on-the-road Macintosh users or clutterphobes.

The wireless version of Mighty Mouse is compatible with any Mac running operating system that has Bluetooth 2.0 wireless connectivity.

Powered by two AA batteries, the tailless Mighty Mouse is just as tricked out as its predecessor.

Instead of the split-button design found on most multibutton mice, it features a shell that covers two touch sensors for right- and left-button clicking.

A scroll ball allows for left-right, up-down and diagonal scrolling. And two additional sensor buttons on the side can be squeezed to reveal OS X's array of Dashboard widgets or other applications a user may choose.

As with the original wired version, software accompanying the new Mighty Mouse lets the consumer program the device in various ways. It's possible to enable single-button use--potentially of interest to Apple purists who want the scroll ball but still insist on the Mac mantra of single-button clicking--and the functions of the left and right buttons can be switched (lefties, take note).

A wireless Mighty Mouse costs $69, a full $20 more than its tailed brother. No discounts are available for individuals through the Apple Education store.