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Apple's MobileMe on the road to recovery

Apple has started posting status updates for the beleaguered e-mail and cloud-computing service, which is still causing problems for some users, but is on the mend.

MobileMe is getting better, but it's still causing problems for some users of the service. Susan Dove/CNET News

Apple has started to provide regular updates on the status of its MobileMe service, which is still causing problems for some users.

Some poor soul at Apple known only as David G. was drafted by CEO Steve Jobs to write every-other-day posts on the status of MobileMe, the successor to Apple's .Mac service that has caused no small level of frustration in the two weeks since it launched. In the initial post on Friday, Apple acknowledged that those affected by the outage lost 10 percent of their e-mail between July 16 and July 18, the height of the outage.

Apple is still saying that only 1 percent of MobileMe users were affected by the e-mail problems, which were apparently caused by a "serious problem with one of our mail servers," David wrote. However, broader problems with accessing calendars and contacts information were the result of a misjudgment in demand, he said, and Apple has since added new servers and tweaked older ones to handle the load.

On Sunday, David updated the page with the news that Apple had turned on e-mail access for 40 percent of those affected by the e-mail outage, who can also now see their e-mail history during the affected period. More updates will come later this week, he promised.