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Apple's market share explodes 52 percent in April...or does it?

Apple is either way up or slightly down in market share, depending on who you believe.

Hitwise Hitslink reports a massive boom in Apple's Mac market share, rising 52 percent over March 2008 to reach 11.43 percent. This is in stark contrast to data reported by ZDNet, which showed a .47 percent drop in the Mac's market share.

What gives?

Operating System Market Share - April 2008 Hitslink

It's doubtful that Apple's numbers could jump 52 percent in one month. However, it's almost equally doubtful that Microsoft's stumbling Vista recouped any market share against the Mac, which has been on a tear.

Indeed, Gartner thinks the Mac is going to double its market share over the next three years, with BusinessWeek reporting that an increasing number of corporations are opening up to the Mac.

Maybe it decided to start immediately? Or maybe it's just another example of data gone awry?