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Apple's Maps makes its way to OS X Mavericks

Apple announces at the Worldwide Developers Conference that an enhanced Maps will come to OS X Mavericks.

Apple's Maps on OS X Mavericks.
Apple's Maps on OS X Mavericks. James Martin/CNET

Apple has updated its Maps application to work on the Mac, the company announced Monday at the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco.

The company's platform will be built into Apple's new operating system, OS X Mavericks. Information from the Mac's Maps can be sent to an iPhone for access on that device. Developers also can bundle the software's features, thanks to a software development kit, into their own OS X apps.

Apple launched Maps last year with iOS 6. The application was designed to replace Google Maps as Apple's built-in mapping application. Soon after users got their hands on it, though, they found it lacking in accuracy, overall usability, and feature set.

Apple soon after apologized for Maps' issues, saying that it would do a better job of delivering the software. In the meantime, Apple suggested that users try out the many other mapping applications already available on the platform through the App Store.