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Apple's Jony Ive wins gold Blue Peter badge

Jony Ive has won a gold Blue Peter badge in a glimpse behind the scenes at Apple.

Jony Ive has won the highest honour in the land: a gold Blue Peter badge. In a glimpse behind the scenes at Apple, the London-born design guru joins the likes of David Beckham, JK Rowling, Jessica Ennis, David Tennant and the Queen in the most exclusive club there is.

Following on from last year's knighthood, which made him Sir Jonathan Ive, the man who oversaw design for the iMac, iPod, iPhone and iPad has been ennobled by CBBC's Blue Peter too. Click play below to see Sir Jony receive his award and remember his earliest Blue Peter design inspirations.

Handed the award by Blue Peter presenter Barney Harwood, Ive recalled his younger days watching the classic show and marvelling at its signature homemade toys and useful stuff, all fashioned from recycled household items and sticky-back plastic.

Ive then reveals something he made earlier, returning the honour with a special Blue Peter badge machined from aluminium. A unibody iBadge, if you will.

In the brief clip above, Ive demonstrates a computer numerical control (CNC) machine cutting out the badge from a block of aluminium. A similar process is used to cut keyboard holes and precision interior cutouts from a single slab of aluminium to create the unibody of a MacBook or iMac.

To see more of Apple, check out Blue Peter's gadget special on CBBC on Saturday 16 February at 10am.