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Apple's iPhone, Google Translate app help save a life

The iPhone, combined with the Google Translate app, and some quick thinking by Oregon highway patrolmen, helped save a Chinese man's life.


There is no shortage of stories that highlight the utility of Apple's iPhone and this is certainly one of those circumstances. After several reports of an impaired driver heading westbound on I-84 near The Dalles in north-central Oregon, two officers decided to pull the man over, according to

The man was definitely impaired, but another challenge proved more difficult for the officers--he only spoke Chinese.

In order to get to the bottom of the problem, one of the officers grabbed his iPhone and opened the Google Translate app. The man was able to speak into the phone and the app was able to translate his Chinese into English. By using the app, the officers were able to determine that the man was having a diabetic reaction due to high blood sugar.

Medical personnel were quickly called, and the man was treated at a nearby hospital.

Incidents like these certainly highlight the value of technology like the iPhone and the utility of apps like Google Translate. Since the iPhone debuted in 2007, all smartphones have taken a huge step forward in their capability to make our lives a little easier. Even the simplest apps can make a big difference. Just think how this situation could have turned out if an App Store never existed.

Have you had an eye-opening or unexpected experience when your iPhone (or any smartphone for that matter) proved to be the perfect tool to help you out of a tough spot? Let me know your experience in the comments!