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Mobile Accessories

Apple's iPhone 7, 7 Plus cases get new colors

Along with a new red iPhone, Apple introduced new colors to its line of protective iPhone cases.

The new leather Sapphire iPhone 7/7 Plus case.


The iPhone wasn't the only Apple product that got a color update today. Along with the new red iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, Apple added new colors to its line of silicone and leather iPhone 7 and 7 Plus cases.

Count camellia, pebble, and azure among your new choices in the $35, £35, AU$55 silicone case line and add berry, taupe and sapphire (a different blue than "midnight blue") to the $45, £45, AU$69 leather case line.

The additions bring the number of total color options to 10 in the leather line and 12 in the silicone case line. The slightly updated iPhone SE also received a new case color -- saddle brown -- in its leather case line.

If you aren't a fan of Apple's cases, there are plenty of other options. See below.