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Apple's iPhone 5S in-store pickup said to resume next week

The option to buy the iPhone 5S online and then pick it up at an Apple store was pulled soon after the device went on sale. Now that option is reportedly coming back.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Shortly after the iPhone 5S launched, customers had the option to reserve one through Apple's Web store or its store app, and pick it up later at one of the company's retail stores. But after just a day, Apple yanked away the option.

That option is set to return next week though, says 9to5Mac. The iPhone maker plans to bring the option back as early as Monday, citing two sources familiar with Apple's plans.

CNET has contacted Apple about whether that's the case, and will update this post when we know more.

Stock of the iPhone 5S has been scarce since the smartphone launched last week. The gold color option was particularly coveted, with back-order dates falling to October less than half an hour after sales began. All models are now listed as shipping in October at Apple's online store, while Apple's retail stores and carrier partners have gotten sporadic shipments since launch.