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Apple's iPhone 2.0 update is failing

Some users trying to upgrade to the iPhone 2.0 firmware were met with an error message.

Matt Asay

Look familiar? It's what I and others have been seeing this morning when trying to upgrade to the iPhone 2.0 firmware. Apple's servers are apparently being dismantled by heavy traffic. That's nice. But now I have a brick with no ability to call, no contacts, nothing.

Isn't there some way to prepare for this? Don't hype a product unless you're prepared to let people actually use it.

Follow-up: Unfortunately, the day didn't get any better. It veered toward success with an eventual 2.0 upgrade on my existing iPhone and success with ActiveSync and Zimbra, but then cratered when an unstable 2.0 build and an equally shaky ActiveSync started eating my email. Couple this with Apple's and AT&T's shocking inability to get the right hand to talk to the left on activation and I was left wishing that I would have sold my spot in line for the $200 that was on offer. Friday was not Apple's finest day...or mine.