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Apple's iMac takes a time-out

roundup Flat-screen PC won raves, but sales had begun to flatten out. Will an all-new design give it a lift?

roundup The flat-screen PC won raves when it debuted in 2002, but sales fairly soon began to flatten out. Will an all-new design give it a lift? Also: Challenges to Apple's iPod.

Dimmer fades on desk-lamp iMac

It may have been "flat-out cool," but "flat" had also begun to describe sales of the just-discontinued second-generation iMac.
July 2, 2004

Bad news on iMac sends Apple's stock down

The company's stock slips 8 percent the day after it says it won't have any iMacs to sell during the back-to-school rush.
July 2, 2004

Apple delays new iMac

An all-new iMac is coming, but it won't be ready until after stock of the old model runs out.
July 1, 2004

Cell phones heading into iPod territory

Can your phone replace your MP3 player? That's what some firms are aiming for, with flashy new handsets that can play songs.
July 1, 2004

Sony challenges Apple with 20GB music player

Consumer electronics giant hopes its upcoming music hardware, combined with its music service, will unseat market leader Apple.
July 1, 2004