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Apple's first Gold iPhone 5S TV ad (No Kardashian in sight)

Having plugged the iPhone 5C hard, Apple launches a new ad for the gold iPhone 5S during Sunday's NFL broadcasts. It's slightly familiar.

Does it melt you? Apple Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

You've been given the task of making the first TV ad for Apple gold iPhone 5S. What do you do?

Do you feature a King Midas, played by Zach Galifianakis? He has everything -- even a full set of gold teeth and majority ownership of Goldman Sachs -- but not the one thing he's been craving all his life.

Maybe you prefer to feature a man selling his McMansion, his Mercedes and his membership of the local golf club, just to get a golden iPhone?

On the other hand, you can just have a little molten gold crawling around the screen and then the perfectly formed product being perfectly formed.

Apple chose this last option, with an ad during Sunday's NFL broadcasts.

As the Verge noticed, it seems to have been put together from video shown at the launch event.

It is, though, remarkably similar to the first iPhone 5C ad, in which molten paint or plastic -- depending on your artistic interpretation -- crawled around the screen.

That, in turn, looked a little like an iPod ad.

Rumors have it that the gold iPhone 5S is ridiculously popular and the 5C rather less so.

Word also spread over the last couple of days that the internal nickname for the gold iPhone is "the Kardashian phone."

How odd that Apple didn't think of having one Kardashian or other present this phone to the populace.

Perhaps even Khloe would have wanted too much money to add her famous name to Apple's.