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Apple's Cook is tech's 'most imaginative' CEO says IBM Watson

New data derived from IBM Watson's Personality Insights cites the Apple CEO's speeches, interviews and books as evidence of his great imagination.


You're looking at the very person with the most powerful imagination in Silicon Valley, Tim Cook.

James Martin/CNET

AI may not be able to lead us just yet, but it can judge how well we lead.

New findings suggest Apple's CEO, Tim Cook, may just be Silicon Valley's "most imaginative" leader, reported CNBC, citing data from job search firm Paysa.

IBM's supercomputer Watson analysed the characteristics of 11 tech leaders from the likes of Apple, Amazon, Facebook Google and Microsoft. It examined their "speeches, essays, books, transcripts of interviews and other forms of communication" to generate a Personality Insights report.

Cook emerged as the industry's "most imaginative" leader, followed by Amazon's Jeff Bezos.

Advances in AI mean IBM's Watson can do more than just read your personality. It defeated humans at Jeopardy in 2011, and has grown to be able to assist in caring for patients, suggest a cure for cancer and maybe even replace our jobs.

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