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Apple's control freakery costs it $10m as Adidas pulls out of iAds

The sportswear manufacturer has pulled out of Apple's iAds app advertising scheme, costing Steve Jobs a pretty penny. What went wrong?

Apple has lost $10m of advertising money after Adidas decided to take its ball and go home, according to reports. Business Insider reports the sporting giant has followed clothes and smellies company Chanel in cancelling iAds for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

iAds, introduced as part of iOS 4, is Apple's platform for embedding adverts in apps. Tapping on an iAd opens an interactive animation or other multimedia content, rather than simply dumping you into the Safari browser and sending you to the advertiser's Web page.

Apple is jealously guarding the consumer experience, as ever, to the extent of actually making the adverts itself. Adidas reportedly objected to having its creative concepts rejected three times. It's possible the ideas were rubbish, but these are the people that put David Beckham, Snoop Dogg, Noel Gallacher and Agyness Deyn in one advert -- we're pretty sure they know what they're doing.

Advertising is a necessary evil if you want free content: even your humble Cravers have to eat. Advertisers won't be too impressed with Apple's controlling attitude, but maybe we should be happy that JobsCo seems to be putting consumer interest ahead of ad revenue.

Can you see yourself clicking on an iAd in an app? Will you miss Adidas' star-studded iAds or Chanel's overblown breathy nonsense? Comments are open below. And feel free to peruse our adverts -- we've got our eyes on a pair of Adidas Star Wars trainers and we're a few quid short.