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Apple's App Store gets new Editors' Choice picks

A host of applications have been selected as editors' picks in the App Store, including Facebook Camera, Extreme Skater, and Cobook.

CoBook takes the inaugural Editors' Choice.
CoBook takes the inaugural Editors' Choice. Screenshot by Don Reisinger/CNET

Apple has silently added a new feature to its App Store: Editors' Choice.

When users boot up the Mac App Store or App Store, they'll find a new promotional feature, called Editors' Choice. On the Mac App Store side, Apple says that for its "inaugural pick," it chose CoBook, an address book application that supplements usability by accessing social networks. In addition, the company chose Deus Ex Human Revolution as another Editors' Choice worth checking out.

Not to be outdone, Apple unveiled some Editors' Choice options for App Store users, as well. Among the picks was the Facebook Camera application and Extreme Skater.

The Verge was first to report on the new feature.

In addition to Editors' Choice, Apple is offering users a limited-time chance to download a paid application for free. This time around, the company is letting users download Cut the Rope: Experiments at no additional charge.

It's not clear how Apple chooses which apps are offered for free or are included in the Editors' Choice listing. However, with more than 600,000 apps available in its App Store, finding ways to make programs more discoverable is always a welcome addition.