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Apple's '30 years of Mac' ad: See, we've always been cool

For its own celebration of the Mac's birthday, Apple creates an ad featuring designers and creators who all benefited from the Mac's worldwide democratization of creativity.

Look at all those colors. Apple/YouTube Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

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Sending yourself a birthday card isn't, perhaps, the height of taste.

But Apple couldn't really stand silent when so many are wishing the Mac a happy 30th.

So on Friday the company released an ad that served to suggest one simple message: "Artists have loved us from the very start."

The ad, features creators such as composer Hans Zimmer, fashion designer Iris van Herpen, and graphic designer John Maeda. Oh, and Moby.

Maeda talks about how he brought the first Macintosh to MIT and all the brains there wondered: "What is that?"

This thing, you see, was revolutionary. It had pictures on it.

Many of the creators featured here, such as Nike shoe designer Tinker Hatfield, believe that the Mac helped them break boundaries.

"We were trying to use this machine is an entirely new and provocative way," he says in the ad.

"Now everyone uses this one piece of remarkable, ubiquitous technology," says Moby.

At heart, creators aren't merely in touch with their inner child, they use it as the core of their expression.

So when they saw the Mac, they saw something that was so easy and enjoyable to use that it gave them permission to be as silly and playful as they felt.

What's truly remarkable is that Apple and its Mac not only occupied the creative ground, but held it for such a long time.