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Apple's 12-inch MacBook gets a new gold color (and ditches its old gold color)

The new gold is also available with the new MacBook Air. Apple also canned two MacBook colors: rose gold and a different gold.


The new gold (left), old rose gold (center), and old gold (right).

Apple; collage by CNET

Though Apple watchers are certain to focus on the new devices unveiled Tuesday, the existing 12-inch MacBook also got an unannounced -- and admittedly not huge -- update too.

Apple decided to get rid of last year's rose gold and gold colors for the MacBook, replacing them with a different gold that's also available with the newly announced MacBook Air. The MacBook's previous space gray and silver colors will remain.

The MacBook's other specs and pricing will stay the same, so don't bother replacing your 2017 gold MacBook with a 2018 gold MacBook. Unless you really, really want to. 

Also, Apple's iMac lineup got no additional updates or changes.

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Apple still generates about 10 percent to 15 percent of its quarterly sales from its computer line, but in recent years it hasn't given its Macs as much attention as other devices like the iPhone and Apple Watch. In October 2016, Apple redesigned the MacBook Pro laptop for the first time in four years. On Tuesday, it refreshed the MacBook Air, after several years of holding off on a major redesign.

Apple's desktops also have been overdue for an update. The company hasn't made big changes to its high-power Mac Pro since 2013. Notable for its cylindrical design, the Mac Pro is favored by graphic artists and others who need a lot of horsepower for professional purposes. Apple said in April 2017 that it's working on a big refresh of the computer, but a year later, it said the device wouldn't hit the market until sometime in 2019.

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