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AppleCare hint points at 10 October iOS 5 launch

Apple has reportedly told its AppleCare support staff to expect a huge surge in iOS-related calls from 10 October.

Apple has reportedly told its AppleCare support teams to expect a huge surge in iOS queries from Monday 10 October, suggesting that its upcoming iOS 5 update is due out on that day.

Apple's call centre staff have been warned that customer calls could be eight times the norm on that fateful Monday according to Apple Insider, which cites a 'person familiar with the matter', though notes that the tip is unverified.

If iOS 5 does get released on 10 October, that would suggest that the much-anticipated iPhone 5 would follow shortly after, packing the new version of iOS straight out the box.

Last year iOS 4 was released on 21 June, and the iPhone 4 followed just days later on 24 June.

At the moment everything is still up in the air, because Apple hasn't even unveiled the iPhone 5, yet alone its release date. If you want to know what we're expecting from the newest incarnation of the iPhone, check out our complete guide.

iOS 5

iOS 5 is the new version of Apple's mobile operating system used on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. It's one of the biggest iOS updates yet, and will bring wireless syncing and backup and changes in the way notifications work. Free instant messaging between Apple gadgets is also on board, thanks to a new app called iMessage.

iOS 5 is set to come out alongside iCloud, another service we're psyched about that will let you store your music, photos and contacts online.

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