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Apple WWDC dates set -- iPhone dev track offered

Apple WWDC dates set -- iPhone dev track offered

Apple has set the dates for its Worldwide Developer Conference, which will take place from June 9 - 13 at the Moscone Center West in San Francisco. This will be the first WWDC to offer an iPhone development track built around the recently released iPhone SDK (software development kit).

Among the features is an iPhone Lab, where Apple says developers can "work side-by-side with engineers responsible for the features of the iPhone to solve code-level issues, gain insight into their development techniques, and get answers to the topics critical to you. Learn from iPhone user interface designers how you can present an extra dimension of rich application behavior."

Also offered are a "wide range of sessions" on "optimizing application performance and responsiveness," "Minimizing the memory footprint of your application," "Creating visually appealing experiences based on the iPhone Human Interface Guidelines," and more.

Apple is due to deliver a software update (iPhone OS 2.0) enabling installation of third-party applications on the iPhone in June.

Tickets are priced at $1300. You can get a ticket and a select Apple Developer Connection membership for $1700, or a ticket and an Apple Developer Connection Premier Membership for $3500.

For more information, see Apple's WWDC iPhone track page.