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Apple wins another patent ruling against Samsung

This time around, the iPhone maker has won one in Japan, where a court found that Apple products don't infringe Samsung devices.


Apple has again won a key patent ruling in its ongoing dispute with Samsung.

Tokyo District Court Judge Koji Hasegawa ruled on Tuesday that Apple's iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, and iPad 2 do not infringe on patents held by Samsung related to data communications. Samsung had argued that the devices were violating its intellectual property and it should be compensated in damages for the alleged infringement.

The decision is just the latest in a string of small victories for the iPhone maker. Apple and Samsung have been waging a bitter patent dispute for the last few years, and while judgments have been coming down, perhaps only one -- a ruling in a San Jose court that could see Apple net hundreds of millions of dollars -- has been of any consequence.

Apple and Samsung have been urged by courts around the world to put an end to their patent disputes, and have met twice to arrive at some sort of agreement. So far, however, the companies have decided to continue to battle it out in court.

Samsung told Bloomberg in a statement on Tuesday that it will analyze the decision and possibly appeal it. The company added that it is disappointed with the court's ruling.