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Apple will sell video subscriptions directly via TV app

The feature is coming this year, says a report.

Apple TV 4K

Apple's TV app on Apple TV

Apple's TV app is aiming to cut out the middleman even further.

The app, which offers iPhone, iPad and Apple TV users a central place to watch videos from services like Amazon's Prime Video, Hulu and HBO Now, will begin selling subscriptions to those kinds of services directly, according to Bloomberg

The report did not specify which subscription services might be offered, but did say that Apple plans to roll out the feature in the next year.

Currently users of the TV app must subscribe through the service itself, and then add it to the TV app. In addition to Apple's own iTunes videos, the app aggregates a large number of TV network, sports and other video services, including ABC, CBS All Access, ESPN, Starz and Showtime. It does not include Netflix, however.

Apple declined to comment.

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