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Apple WatchOS 4 adds new Siri face, enhances Workout, Music apps

Coming this fall, Apple WatchOS 4 adds several new features, including some nifty Watch faces, as well as updates to Bluetooth and several apps.

James Martin/CNET

At WWDC 2017 Apple previewed what's coming to WatchOS 4 in fall 2017. Here's a quick look at some of the new features that will be available to Watch owners via a software update:

Siri Watch face: Siri is an automatic face that pops contextual notifications into a continuous scroll of info. Google Now tried this with Android Wear. Can a Siri watch face be better? Apple is showing this off as a quick-access tool for appointments, Wallet tickets and more.

"Toy Story" and other animated faces, but no Watch Face store: Woody, Buzz and other "Toy Story" characters are now built-in animated faces. It sounds like an extension of what's available with Mickey Mouse. But Apple still hasn't launched a way to sell third-party watch faces.

A new Music App: Apple acknowledges that music wasn't an Apple Watch strong suit. A new app will automatically sync songs and playlists, and more than one playlist. Music playlists can be set to start with workouts in the Workout app, too.

Workout and fitness enhancements: Workouts can be swapped on the fly, Apple's Activity mode has extra monthly challenges and the Watch can sync with certain brands of gym equipment to share workout data.

Bluetooth for sports and health gear: The Apple Watch will work with medical and sports devices over Bluetooth at last, opening up glucose monitors, trackers and lots of other possible accessories.

This is a developing story. Follow our WWDC live blog for real-time coverage.

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