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Apple watch that talks to your iPhone appears in patent

Apple has patented a design for a smart watch -- but will the much-rumoured wristware ever actually reach shops?

Apple is definitely working on a watch that talks to your phone. The iPhone 5 and iPad manufacturer has patented a design for a smart watch -- but will it ever actually reach shops?

The existence of an Apple watch appears to be confirmed by a patent filed by the California company, spotted by the AppleInsider blog. With Samsung also rumoured to be working on a smart watch -- possibly under the name Samsung Galaxy Altius -- it seems wrist-based mobile fun could be the next big thing.

The Apple patent concerns a flexible, touchscreen display worn on the wrist, paired with your phone over Bluetooth. You can use the iWatch to see recent calls and texts, edit playlists and view maps. Solar and kinetic power from your hand movements keep the watch ticking.

The strap is one of those slap bracelet things kids wore in the 80s, which contain bistable springs in the band that can stay flat or curve around your wrist when you whack it on your arm.

The existence of a patent proves Apple is at least considering a watch, although that doesn't mean we'll necessarily see an iWatch at any point. But a lot of people got excited about the prospect of strapping the tiny iPod nano to your wrist, so it seems some people do want to see what's going on without whipping out their phone all the time. The Pebble watch raised over $10m on Kickstarter, after all.

Should Apple make an iWatch? Would you wear a smart watch? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page.