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Apple Watch is $100 off, but here's why you shouldn't buy one

Both Best Buy and Target are offering good discounts on the Apple Watch, but it still may be worth waiting for the Apple Watch 2.

Apple Watch 2 concept by Eric Huismann (originally published here).

Eric Huismann

US retailers Best Buy and Target have both chopped the price of both the Steel and Sport versions of the Apple Watch by $100. This is no Black Friday deal, folks. The discount appears to be more permanent and we should see more retailers offering deep discounts on the Watch in the coming weeks.

The reason for it seems pretty obvious. Rumor has it that Apple will hold an event in March to announce the next-generation Apple Watch, a year after the original product was released. We can't confirm that, of course. Nor do we know what new features the new Watch will have, although some say it may get an integrated camera for FaceTime calls and a better Wi-Fi chip that would allow for increased functionality when untethered from your iPhone (currently, many of the Watch's features only work when it's connected to your iPhone). However, I wouldn't expect better battery life.

So is it better to wait and pay more for a next-generation product or pay less for the existing model? That's the proverbial question, but in the case of the Watch, which is a first-generation product, I'd argue that it's better to wait and pay more.

Looking back at the iPhone, it made a big jump moving from generation one to generation two. The Watch may not make that big a jump, but I'm willing to wait a few months to see what the new Apple Watch has to offer before buying the old one.

What do you guys think?