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Apple watch has 100-strong design team, fresh rumour says

Whispers of an Apple-brand wristwatch persist, with a fresh report tipping a 100-strong development team.

Whispers of Apple's fabled wristwatch aren't going away, with a fresh report suggesting the Californian company has about 100 product designers beavering away on the mysterious gadget.

Bloomberg is the latest outlet to claim insider know-how, citing two people "familiar with the company's plans" who reckon that massive team includes managers and marketing bods, as well as hardware engineers who previously chiselled the iPad and iPhone.

Word of an Apple-flavoured wrist accessory surfaced at the weekend, when the New York Times claimed Tim Cook and company are crafting a wristwatch with a curved-glass design.

The new report claims that Apple has already made wearable gadgets for tracking fitness, but never put them on sale.

If Apple really is cooking up a wristwatch, it could take on Google's upcoming Google Glass eyewear, which beams information onto a screen in your peripheral vision.

Yesterday CEO Tim Cook said that when Apple tried to make a cheaper Mac, it wound up crafting the iPad. Perhaps in an effort to make a cheaper smart phone, the firm is plotting a cheaper gadget to occupy the space on shoppers' wrists.

Is Apple really making a wearable computer, or is it just wishful thinking from fans who are bored with Apple's current crop of gadgetry? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.