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Your Apple Watch from Best Buy or Target could be delayed

Large-scale retailers Best Buy and Target are reportedly having trouble keeping up with demand for both series of Apple Watch. Now customers are receiving emails that their orders are being delayed.

You may want to think twice about ordering an Apple Watch from Best Buy or Target.

On Wednesday, Best Buy reportedly emailed customers who preordered the Apple Watch Series 2, saying that they would not receive their shipments on the expected September 16 release date, according to MacRumors, which apparently obtained a copy of the email. Instead, the big-box store estimated that the wearables would arrive almost two weeks later on September 28. To apologize, Best Buy gave affected customers a $50 promotional credit (which expires on October 14).


Apple Watch Series 2

This morning Best Buy reportedly delivered more bad news, this time a delaying on shipments of last year's Apple Watch Series 1. A company spokesman said that all Series 1 watches would be delivered by September 21 at the latest, and that all impacted customers would receive a $20 credit for a future purchase at Best Buy.

Target is also telling customers that they will not receive their preordered Apple Watch Series 2 by the release date, the company confirmed in an email. Sadly, we still don't know when orders will be fulfilled. By way of apology, Target's offering a $50 credit.

We understand that iPhones typically get delayed when supply can't keep up with demand, but the Apple Watch doesn't have the sold-out iPhone 7 Plus' level of popularity. Last year Apple refused to release sales numbers for the original Apple Watch, most likely because the numbers weren't as high as expected.

Delayed orders could be a sign that more people are buying Apple Watches than expected. If that's the case, the Apple Watch Series 2 may finally push wearables into the trend Apple has been hoping it to be.

Editors' note: This article was originally published on the morning of September 16 and has been updated throughout the day to reflect responses from Best buy and Targets.

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