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Apple Watch 2 has thicker battery according to leaked measurements

Thanks to, we get an early look at some of the parts that allegedly make up the Apple Watch 2.

Apple is hosting its big press event tomorrow, and we're expecting plenty of news about a second-generation Apple Watch. The latest leak gives us something to think about as we count down the hours., a retailer that sells replacement parts for Apple products, released a video detailing what could be the Apple Watch 2's display and battery measurements. They measured the thickness of both displays at each Watch's thickest point and thinnest point. Their measurements show that the newer display uniformly thinner, as you can see below.

Apple Watch measurements

Apple Watch 1 Apple Watch 2
Display thickness 3.57 to 2.99 mm 2.86 to 2.12 mm
Display height 38.74 mm 39.47 mm
Display width 32.65 mm 33.43 mm
Display diagnal 46.43 mm 47.19 mm
Battery thickness 3.95 mm 5.11 mm
Battery height 27.46 mm 27.50 mm
Battery width 18.42 mm 18.71 mm

By comparing the the components, you can see that the new display could have a larger height and width, but may be overall thinner than its predecessor. Meanwhile, the new battery could be much thicker (by almost 30 percent) while maintaining a similar footprint to the old battery. Hopefully this battery increase means longer battery life, a shortcoming of the original Apple Watch.

Keep in mind that these measurements allegedly pertain to the hardware parts stuffed into the watch -- the actual watch size depends on how Apple squeezes them in there. If it's all true, a larger display and thicker battery suggests better performance overall.

At the end of the video, you also get a sneak peek at more alleged Apple Watch parts, like the heart-rate sensor, internal gasket, internal housing and the chipset. We'll find out for sure tomorrow -- follow CNET for all the news. Meanwhile, here's everything we already know about the Apple Watch and more.