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Apple wants visibility, not volume

Macworld Expo "Give your dreams a chance," says Apple COO Marco Landi. New in-store marketing will help spread the slogan.

Macworld Expo SAN FRANCISCO--Apple Computer (AAPL) plans to launch a $60 million worldwide advertising campaign in January, designed to polish up its image.

The computer maker, hit with declining marketshare and lower sales, and anticipating operating losses as high as $150 million, is rolling out its print, broadcast and Internet campaign with the slogan: "Give your dreams a chance."

The campaign is designed to target Apple's four markets--retail consumers, grades Kindergarten through 12, enterprise, and small businesses, said Marco Landi, Apple's chief operating officer, in an interview with CNET.

As the company looks to win back marketshare among retail consumers, Apple is "more concerned about visibility than volume" of outlets that sell Macintosh hardware and software, he said. He spoke in reference to Egghead Software reducing its commitment to carrying pure Macintosh products.

In November, Egghead quietly told its 157 U.S. stores that only 50 of the stores would continue to offer Macintosh products; customers in other areas must shop through Egghead's 800 number or its Internet site.

Apple wants to improve its merchandising relationship with other retailers. The company envisions Macintosh computers grouped together with software in attractive displays to be updated by the retailer or by a third party hired for the purpose, Landi said.

He added that such techniques and a campaign of such size were not launched earlier because Apple was focused on the acquisition of Next Software, the development a new operating system, and the Macworld Expo.