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Apple vs. the taxman and Windows turns 10 in CNET UK podcast 405

Apple's tax bill is under scrutiny once again, Virgin vows to bring down the cost of the Premier League, and Windows turns 10.

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They say there's only two certainties in life: death and taxes. And while you can't avoid one, every big company in the world does its best to avoid the second. This week it was Apple in the spotlight over an arrangement with the Irish government that investigators believe is illegal, but has Apple done anything wrong?

For its next operating system, Microsoft is skipping straight from Windows 8 to Windows 10. We ponder how the name change is linked to Star Trek and whether Windows 10 will kill Windows Phone -- again.

We probe deep into our extensive footerball knowledge to find out why Virgin Media wants to shake up the way we watch the Premier League. We watch out for the Pebble smartwatch and its stylish Pebble Steel cousin, now arriving on wrists in the UK. And we find out why some people are prepared to strike a devilish bargain and sign over their children just to get on Facebook.

Plus we celebrate the fun and exciting photo stories we've created lately, taking you into the fascinating history of Dutch technology pioneers Philips and giving you a tour of a delightful exhibition of Lego art. Oh, and the quiz is back. So hit play on the video and enjoy!

Apple vs. the taxman and Windows turns 10 in CNET UK podcast 405

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