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Apple updates the low-end MacBook

Company adds a faster processor and a larger hard drive to the low-end notebook, while keeping the price at $999.

Apple on Wednesday updated its low-end consumer notebook, adding a slightly faster processor and a larger hard drive.

The 13-inch white MacBook now comes with a 2.13GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, adding a little more speed over the previous 2GHz processor. The hard drive has also been increased from 120GB to 160GB in the upgrade.

Memory for the machine remains at 2GB DDR2, expandable to 4GB for an extra $100. Apple made no changes to the graphics card, choosing to stay with the Nvidia GeForce 9400m unit.

Despite the upgrades, Apple is sticking with its $999 price tag on the machine.

The changes bring the low-end white MacBook closer in specs to the unibody aluminum MacBook. However, there are still advantages to the unibody design, including the ability to upgrade the hard drive to solid state and the use of the faster DDR3 memory.