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Apple updates iTunes U app with synced audio, video notes

Amidst the release of Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion and other Mac apps, Apple has released an update to one of its more popular educational apps, iTunes U.


The iTunes U app update includes several new key features sure to enhance any student's or teacher's experience. Most notably, version 1.2 supports the ability to take notes while listening to, or watching, lectures and then search those notes later.

Users are also now able to search posts, assignments, and other materials in any of their subscribed courses.

And, as Tim Cook promised, Apple has gone more social, giving students the ability to share their favorite courses with family and friends using Twitter, Mail, or Messages.

The update also helps teachers by adding the ability to create private course distribution, which allows teachers to invite students to subscribe to special courses privately.

Also updated in iTunes U 1.2, any teacher can now sign up to have courses distributed through Apple's iTunes U platform.

The iTunes U app has had more than 14 million downloads since January, with more than 700 K-12 programs and 125 colleges offering more than 750 courses in that same time span.

iTunes U is available for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch on the iTunes App Store as a free download. Courses provided on the app are also free.