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Apple updates Hopstop iOS app after buying company

The Windows Phone flavor of the transit and directions app is kaput, but the iOS version just received a new update.

Hopstop for iOS.
Hopstop for iOS. Screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET

Apple's plans for Hopstop may be a mystery following its recent acquisition of the navigation service, though the iOS app is still alive and kicking.

Hopstop provides directions for buses, trains, taxis, bikes, and pedestrians around the world. It offers real-time transit maps and schedules across more than 600 cities.

Apple bought the company more than a week ago with the possible intention of integrating Hopstop's technology into its own Maps app. Such a move would likely mean the end of Hopstop's dedicated mobile apps.

Apple has already pulled the plug on the Windows Phone version of Hopstop. The Google Play edition for Android is still available, though its days could be numbered. But the iOS version is not only still around but is the recipient of a host of new features.

Released Sunday, Hopstop for iOS version 2.6 now supports cities in the the U.K., Germany, Norway, Sweden, Netherlands, Ireland, and Israel. You can now share real-time delays, incidents, station problems, broken elevators, and other issues with Hopstop. You also can save your home and work address for quick access and view your "My Trips" information from the search screen.

Why would Apple update an app if it plans to integrate the technology into its own maps service? The company may simply want to keep Hopstop fresh until it has the chance to add its smarts into its own navigation app. Given the past problems with the Maps app, Apple may be treading cautiously in its attempt to spruce up the next version of Maps.

(Via Cult of Mac)