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Apple updates AirPort software to 3.4

Apple updates AirPort software to 3.4

Apple has updated its AirPort software components to version 3.4.

AirPort 3.4 provides:

  • Improved antenna output control.
  • Enhanced logging from your base station which is compatible with syslog.
  • Performance improvements for WPA security implementations.

Apple AirPort Extreme 5.4 is base station firmware that includes the same enhancements and is included in AirPort 3.4.

Apple's release notes read "If you are using an AirPort enabled computer with an AirPort Extreme Base Station, you will experience maximum data rates of 11 Mbps. However with AirPort 3.4, you'll still enjoy significant benefits, especially from the standpoint of wireless printer sharing, easy base station administration, and many options for managing the range of your wireless network. "

"WPA requires an AirPort Extreme base station and AirPort Extreme or AirPort clients running Mac OS X v10.3, or later. Use of Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) reduces the maximum number of network users. Computers with wireless cards that only support WEP cannot join an AirPort network that has WPA enabled."

AirPort 3.4 is also available through Software Update.

If you are having problems with the new release, please drop us a line at

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