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Apple TV update adds high-def TV episodes, Genius playlist support

Firmware 2.2 adds support for HD TV episode downloads and compatibility the new Genius playlist feature.

Apple TV screenshot with HD TV purchasing
TV episodes are now available in HD on the Apple TV CNET

Apple has added HD television episodes and support for Genius music playlists to the Apple TV.

Firmware 2.2, available now as a free download, adds the ability to purchase TV episodes of select shows in high-def (for $3, versus the $2 price tag for standard-def versions). That makes good on a pledge that Steve Jobs made at the company's September 10 event.

The updated Apple TV now also supports the Genius playlist feature that was introduced on new versions of iTunes and iPods at the same event. Genius is designed to help listeners discover--and buy--new music based on what they're already listening to.

Apple TV remains priced at $230 for the 40GB version and $330 for the 160GB one. The box is competing against a growing number of competitors in the Internet video-on-demand space, including Vudu (which has just added higher resolution movies and a $200 credit), Roku's Netflix Player (which now offers unlimited viewing of Starz/Disney content and current TV shows via a flat subscription), Xbox 360 (which will add the support for the same Netflix services as the Roku box later this fall), and PlayStation 3 (which launched its own online video store earlier this year).

Via Apple Insider