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Apple TV 2.3 firmware update adds a handful of minor tweaks

The latest Apple TV software update adds better AirTunes and universal remote support--but not much else.

Apple TV

The 2.3 firmware update for the Apple TV is now available, but it delivers just a select few feature enhancements. According to Apple's support Web site, here's what you get:

  • Music can be streamed via AirTunes to Airport Express speakers or other Apple TVs in your house
  • Apple TV can now learn other remote controls and use them in addition to the Apple Remote
  • Playlists in iTunes that contain Movies, TV Shows, Podcasts, and Music Videos can now be seen on Apple TV
  • Support for volume control in Music

If those sound like minor tweaks, that's because they are. (Indeed, I've already used a Logitech Harmony remote with our in-house Apple TV before applying the 2.3 update, so I'm not sure what the second bullet point adds.) Still, we're just happy to see that Apple is doing something with the product besides dismissing it as "just a hobby."

Let us know if the new Apple TV features are important or useful to you. (Or if you're skipping the Apple firmware update and hacking your Apple TV to run Boxee instead.)

Apple support via TUAW via EngadgetHD.