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Apple triples stake in U.K. chip company

Apple increases its investment in Imagination Technologies, the company that makes graphics technology for the iPhone 3G S.

Apple on Friday upped its stake in U.K. chip company, Imagination Technologies.

The company purchased 2.2 million shares at 1.43 British pounds ($2.36), for a total cost of 3.14 million pounds ($5.19 million). The purchase brings Apple's stake in the company to 9.5 percent, effectively tripling its ownership in Imagination, according to a report on MocoNews.

Apple uses Imagination's SGX GPU in the recently released iPhone 3G S, allowing it to have much better graphics using Apple's OpenGL ES 2.0, according to AppleInsider. Samsung is reportedly integrating Imagination's technology into system-on-a-chip devices.

OpenGL ES 2.0 is a cross-platform API that allows for 2D and 3D graphics on embedded systems. IT essentially creates a low-level interface between the software and graphics hardware system.