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Apple tries to prove it's colorful in new iPod ad

Nokia was so wrong. Apple can be colorful, as its new, bouncy iPod ad proves. But there's an odd proliferation of what look like Target logos.

Don't they look a little like Target logos to you? Apple Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

The people at Apple do feel pain.

They might seem confident, arrogant even, on the outside. But inside, they just want to be loved like the rest of us.

So when Nokia suggested last week that Apple users were miserable, depressive colorless souls, you can imagine the tears that flowed in Cupertino.

I can only imagine, therefore, that the new iPod ads that Apple released today -- and currently gracing the Oakland A's latest attempt at redemption -- are an attempt to redress a grievous stylistic slight.

Here are lovely large-screened iPod Touches positively rejoicing in their colorfulness.

They're bouncing around like a Disney star on acid.

Not only does this ad have bouncing Touches, but it also enjoys some Nanos and Shuffles.

And yet, doesn't it seem a little odd that those tiny square Shuffles seem to be like Target logos that have gone to a rave? Especially the red ones.

I am sure that the target for these products will bathe naked in this sheer Apple jolliness.

The music, Willy Moon's "Yeah Yeah," will no doubt enjoy a million downloads before tomorrow's dawn is complete.

You see, people, Apple might insist that phones have to be Prada-muted in color.

But when it comes to the more quintessentially musical devices, Apple is a hot tub of vibrant but subtle colors.