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Apple to scoop up Emmy for FireWire

The Mac maker will receive an Emmy for creating FireWire, a high-speed interface that's become a key technology in the TV industry for moving video on and off computers.

And the winner is...Apple Computer.

On Wednesday, Apple will receive an Emmy award for creating FireWire. The high-speed connection has become a key technology in the television industry for moving video on and off computers.

While FireWire has become standard on the Macintosh, the same port is now used in other PCs as well. In the PC world it is known either by the technical name of the standard, IEEE 1394, or by Sony's moniker for it, i.Link. FireWire is also used by a number of leading digital camera and camcorder makers including Sony, Canon, JVC and Eastman Kodak.

Anand Chandrasekher, an Intel vice president, said last week that digital video and IEEE 1394 are going to become an even bigger part of PCs in the coming months. "Expect to see a ton of 1394," he said.

This Emmy is not Apple's first. In 1998, its "Think Different" ad campaign won for outstanding commercial.

Apple will receive the primetime Emmy, which is given by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, in a ceremony later Wednesday at the Goldenson Theatre in Hollywood. Accepting the award for Apple will be Tom Boger, worldwide director of Power Mac marketing, and Eric Anderson, one of the engineers who helped develop FireWire for Apple.