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Apple to end restocking fees tomorrow

Company previously charged a 10 percent restocking fee but is joining Best Buy in ditching the practice.

Apple stores are ditching the restocking fees.
Apple stores are ditching the restocking fees. Marguerite Reardon/CNET

Apple plans to eliminate restocking fees starting tomorrow.

Previously, when customers would return open products to an Apple Store, they would be charged a 10 percent restocking fee. They were also required to return the respective device within 14 days of purchase. Although that restocking fee will no longer be charged, the new policy still requires customers to return products to stores within 14 days.

An employee at my local Apple Store confirmed that Apple would be ending its restocking fees starting tomorrow. Apple blog 9to5 Mac was first to report the change.

Apple's decision to end restocking fees comes just a few weeks after Best Buy did the same.

The big-box retailer announced last month that its 15 percent restocking fee on most electronics and 10 percent restocking fee on iPhones had been eliminated. However, Best Buy is keeping its 25 percent restocking fee on special-order items.