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Apple to discontinue support of its "technologically obsolete products"

Apple to discontinue support of its "technologically obsolete products"

A reader forwarded us a message that Apple sent out to its Service Providers. It states that Apple "will discontinue support for certain technologically obsolete products...ending all support of these products and their associated parts." The products range from the original Apple II and IIe to the Macintosh SE and most of the Macintosh II line. It also lists several printers, including the LaserWriter Plus, LaserWriter II SC/NT/NTX, LaserWriter IIf/IIg, and Apple Personal LaserWriter NT and NTR.

Does this mean that Apple will no longer even supply toner cartridges for these printers? I hope not, as I still use my NTR. In any case, I am aware (and many readers also reminded me) that the printer uses a Canon engine and toner cartridges for it are still available from non-Apple sources.