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Apple to detail Net plans at Macworld

At Macworld this week in San Francisco, Apple Computer will detail its Internet strategy. Company officials are also expected to deliver a progress report on Copland.

Against the backdrop of Macworld this week, Apple Computer is expected to roll out a new set of Internet development tools. The tools will let Macintosh users capture text and images and more easily create documents with Net links, sources said.

Also on the Net front, Apple is expected to show off a new version of its eWorld online service. The new version is likely to rely more on the Web and less on its proprietary platform.

For Macintosh developers, the Cupertino, California, company is expected to show off an early version of its Copland operating system. Copland is a completely object-oriented operating system aimed at allowing programs to run on disparate PC machines. Microsoft is currently at work on Cairo, an object-oriented version of the Windows operating system due next year.

Macworld runs from January 9 to January 13. For daily Macworld news, stay tuned to CNET.