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Apple to Debut Multimedia Device in '96

Apple president and CEO Michael Spindler says his company will debut its Pippin multimedia player platform next year.

Spindler's announcement accompanied a demonstration of Pippin at the Personal Computer Outlook conference in Burlingame, California. Pippin technology will be marketed first in Japan, under the banner of Japanese licensee Bandai, prior to its U.S. debut. Spindler says Apple has signed up three licensees for the U.S. market, but declined to name them.

Although Spindler did not disclose pricing details, Bandai announced earlier that it plans to market its version for around $500; analysts expect the U.S. price to be similar.

Apple is positioning Pippin as a high-octane home and school CD-ROM player, but company officials say the addition of a GeoPort adapter or external modem will permit users to communicate over cyberspace, making Pippin a clear entry in the race to provide consumers with a low-cost Net appliance.