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Apple to close Quattro Wireless in favor of iAd

After acquiring Quattro Wireless in January to bolster its mobile-advertising efforts, Apple decides to close it up as of September 30. It is "no longer accepting new campaigns" for Quattro.

Apple will close mobile-advertising company Quattro Wireless at the end of September, it announced Thursday.

"We believe iAd is the best mobile-ad network in the world, and starting next month, we're going to focus all of our resources on the iAd advertising platform," Apple wrote in a statement on the Quattro Wireless home page. "We are no longer accepting new campaigns for the Quattro Wireless Network, and we will soon begin winding down existing campaigns. As of September 30, we will support ads exclusively for the iAd Network."

The statement also includes a link to iAd for advertisers interested in migrating their campaigns to Apple's chosen service.

Apple acquired Quattro Wireless in January for a reported $275 million. The acquisition was thought to be a response to Google's $750 million purchase of AdMob last November. But when Steve Jobs announced iAd in April, it seemed that Quattro Wireless' days were numbered.

Apple's decision to shutter Quattro Wireless is reminiscent of its treatment of streaming-music service, Lala. After acquiring Lala last December, Apple announced in April that it would close the service at the end of May. The service was officially discontinued on May 31.