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​Apple makes a house call after iTunes zaps 122GB of customer's music

James Pinkstone retrieved his music from a backup, but Apple evidently is treating his problem seriously.

In a world where people buy electronics online without ever talking to another human being, the Genius Bar staff in an Apple Store offer a distinctly personal relationship between a company and its customers. But that's nothing compared to what James Pinkstone experienced when two Apple technicians visited his home to figure out why iTunes apparently deleted 122GB of his music collection.

Pinkstone, director of studio and operations for Atlanta, Georgia-based creative agency Vellum, blogged about the loss in May in a post titled "Apple Stole My Music." A backup restored the data files, but that wasn't the end of the saga. Apple sent two engineers to Pinkstone's house to try to reproduce the problem using a special version of iTunes to track what went haywire, Pinkstone said in a follow-up blog post.

They couldn't reproduce the problem, Pinkstone said, but it appears Apple is tackling the issue. The new iTunes 12.4 arrived Monday, and according to TechCrunch, it's got "safeguards" to protect against file deletion.

Apple didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.