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Apple sued over iTunes workaround discussions

A Web site operator that received a cease-and-desist letter from Apple warning it to remove discussions related to alternative iPod management software is fighting back.

A Web site operator has sued Apple seeking protection for online discussions of ways to circumvent iTunes. Apple

Apple has been sued by the operator of a wiki site over legal threats Apple made to stifle discussion of iTunes workarounds.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation announced Monday that OdioWorks, which runs a Web site called Bluwiki, has sued Apple in hopes of securing a legal ruling that would allow it to host discussions regarding the use of alternative music software to manage an iPod or iPhone. Earlier this year, Apple sent OdioWorks a cease-and-desist letter invoking the Digital Millennium Copyright Act after Bluwiki users began discussing a plan to develop software that could sync music or videos to iPods or iPhones from sources other than iTunes.

OdioWorks complied with the request to remove the discussions, but now wants legal cover to continue those discussions. According to a copy of the complaint (PDF) filed against Apple, none of the discussions had advanced as far as to constitute development of a way to bypass iTunes.