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Apple Store shuts its virtual doors ahead of today's iPhone unveiling

You didn't need anything right now anyway, right?

Screenshot by Josh Goldman/CNET

You'll just have to wait like the rest of us.

As it does before every major product announcement, Apple has taken its Store offline. At Wednesday's event, which is about to begin, Apple is widely expected to announce new iPhones and a new Apple Watch, among other things.

But, in case you didn't already know this and were all like, "Why can't I buy anything on the Apple Store right now?" -- it's because Apple is trying to save you from yourself. Or it's just updating its site. Either way, Apple fans, it's officially time to get excited.

The rest of you can start warming up your trolling skills.

Apple will be streaming the event. If you're playing along at home, you can follow our live blog of the event here.