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Apple Store down ahead of today's WWDC iOS 7 unveiling

The Apple Store is down ahead of today's Apple event, but Apple promises "We'll be back"... with new MacBooks and iOS 7, we hope.

The Apple Store is down ahead of today's Apple event. They're clearing the shelves ready for new Apple devices to be announced at annual shindig WWDC, expected to reveal new MacBooks and iOS 7.

You can see what's going down live from the Apple keynote event in San Francisco as it happens on our CNET live blog, bringing you all the first details, news and hands-on previews, complete with top-notch video and spangly photos.

The holding page on Apple's online store promises "We'll be back" -- with new MacBooks and new software for the iPad and iPhone, fingers crossed.

The famous post-it note is gone, replaced by a message cycling through different languages instead.

There's no real reason for Apple to take down the online store in the run-up to the unveiling -- a company as big as Apple has no need to go offline while updating a website -- except to drum up a bit of excitement ahead of the event. Still, at least we know that whatever's unveiled will be available to buy straight away. None of this "release date and price to be confirmed" nonsense for Apple, no siree.

We hope not, anyway. We'll bring you UK price and release details as soon as they're confirmed.

While we're waiting for things to kick off over in San Francisco, hit play to see what we're expecting from WWDC and E3, the gaming extravaganza also starting today.

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