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Apple Store checkout coming to iOS devices?

Customers could soon be able to walk out of Apple retail stores with new swag without having to stop at the register, according to a report.

Apple's so smart it has apparently come up with a way for customers to completely avoid talking to those Apple Store geniuses and other retail employees.

Apple Store employees could soon find themselves with more idle time. CNET

A report out this morning claims the company plans to update its retail store iOS app to add EasyPay. This would allow customers to pay for accessories and other smaller items on the Apple Store floor in the app, charging the goods to their iTunes accounts and showing Apple store employees an e-mailed receipt on their way out the door.

Big items like desktop computers would still require assistance from an Apple employee, the report says.

If this report tastes a bit salty, that's because I'm taking it with a hefty grain of the stuff. The source for this one is a guy that's new to me named Eric Chen--the 2008 UCLA grad and Chicago-based blogger, and not this Eric Chen who actually works at Apple.

Nonetheless, Chen says to expect the update on November 3. I'll be sure to look for a new line in Apple Stores this weekend--not at the checkout counters, but the queue of folks fiddling with their iPhone e-mail in front of the security guard at the exit.