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Apple Store may start suggesting items based on your purchases

A new "For You" section will reportedly debut in an upcoming version of the Apple Store app, according to Bloomberg.


The Apple Store app may start recommending products based on previous purchases.

Screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET

The Apple Store app may be in line for a revamp that will steer you to products it thinks you'll buy.

The app, which allows you to purchase Apple products through your iPhone and other mobile iOS devices, will likely add the new feature in the next two weeks, Bloomberg reported Thursday, citing "people familiar" with the effort.

The feature will reportedly tap into your buying history to offer product recommendations.

A feature that examines purchase history could be seen as invading your privacy, and Apple has typically portrayed itself as fighting to protect user privacy. But as a retailer, Apple faces competition from Google and Amazon, both of which use data collection to try to pinpoint their users' wants and needs.

The recommendations would show up under a new tab called "For You," said Bloomberg's sources. Though separate Apple Store apps exist for the iPhone and iPad, the new feature would be added to and work similarly on both devices. The app reportedly also supports the iPod Touch and the Apple Watch.

Apple already uses beacons in its retail stores, which can pinpoint your location to deliver and display specific information and provide access to certain store services on your iPhone. If enabled on your mobile device, Apple's iBeacon technology can serve up details on specific products that you may be eyeing in an Apple Store.

Apple did not immediately respond to CNET's request for comment.