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Apple starts shipping new iPods

Company's new models are scheduled to arrive in consumer homes by the end of the week.

The new iPod Nano
The new iPod Nano Apple

Apple has started shipping its new line of iPods.

Over the weekend and early Monday, those who preordered a new iPod started receiving e-mails from Apple that the devices are shipping. Some folks have seen their delivery date pegged at week's end, while others have received word from Apple that it might be slightly later.

I preordered the new iPod Nano when it was announced at Apple's media event last week. The device is scheduled to arrive at my doorstep Friday, though Apple's official "delivers by" date is Sunday.

The new iPod Nano is drastically different than its predecessor; it's much smaller and features a multitouch display. The new iPod Touch offers a Retina Display and FaceTime calling. The new iPod Shuffle has large controls on its tiny face, replacing its previous no-button design.